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This is not a drill. This is your business.

The war against all the forces attempting to put you out of business is real and some tough decisions need to be made.

There are, fortunately, 11 CEO plays that I’ve picked up along the way that I want to share with you. They include… 

  • Making small decisions first
  • Focusing on liquidity
  • Maintaining connections and culture

These maneuvers aren’t all going to be easy. But they’re all going to be worth it.

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About the Author: John Belizaire

John is a versatile CEO and serial entrepreneur who has successfully founded, scaled multiple technology companies over a 20-year career. He is currently the CEO of Soluna, a company helping to shape the future of renewable energy and computing. Before Soluna, John was the founder and CEO of FirstBest, a transformative insurance software company acquired by Guidewire Software and Theory Center, an e-commerce software company acquired by BEA Systems. Before becoming an entrepreneur, John was the lead architect for Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group. John is on the advisory board of several software-as-a-service, data analytics, and insurtech startups. He is the Managing Editor of CEOPLAYBOOK Media LLC, an online publication full of sage advice for first-time founder CEOs. John is also a trustee of Harlem Academy, an independent school in New York.