John Belizaire


I am John Belizaire, the Managing Editor.

But, when people ask me the proverbial question, “what do you do?”

I answer to an identity question, ”who are you?”

I am a CEO.

I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be in this seat several times in the past twenty years.

I am passionate about building companies and being CEO.

But, no one ever tells you what’s its really like being CEO of a startup or high-growth company.

This blog is an idea that started a few years ago.

I had just sold my second company then.

And, after working through all the emotions that go with an event like that, I started writing down my learnings.

I called it my playbook.

At first, it was just for me.

Then I thought, “Why not share these lessons with new founders and CEOs?”

That is when I started working on this project.

It’s a publication dedicated to helping new CEOs up their game by sharing real stories and practical sage advice.

Since then, I have received positive feedback from many CEOs about my long-form articles that sometimes read like stories. Many of these folks are starting their journeys at the helm of a new exciting venture.

Some are experienced leaders who enjoy my storytelling.

I write about my own experience with hiring, creating a vision, sales, marketing, insurtech leadership, branding, making decisions, handling a disaster, reading, learning from mistakes and many more topics.

I hope you enjoy reading this material as much as I enjoy writing it.

I am so happy you are here!


PS – Please connect with me on LinkedIn (me), Our LinkedIn Page, Twitter, and Instagram and join the #ceoplaybook community on social.


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