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Reading Time: 10 minutes

Modern Risks, Modern Measures: A Chat with Carey Anne Nadeau, Part II

October 27th, 2019|Insurtech, Interviews, Leadership, Women|

The underrepresentation of women in tech is, quite frankly, abysmal. 13% of the global Fortune 500 are women, according to Tammy Moskites, Managing Director at Accenture. “That’s not just CISOs. That’s CISOs, CIOs, and senior executives such as a VP

Modern Risks, Modern Measures: A Chat with Carey Anne Nadeau

September 22nd, 2019|Founding, Insurtech, Interviews, Leadership, Women|

Around the time this article is published, a whopping 7000 people will descend on Las Vegas to discuss the future of insurance. For three solid days, people from all walks of life who have joined the insurtech wave will introduce

How One New System Can Make You a Superhuman CEO: A Chat with Bouzha Cookman

September 15th, 2019|Being CEO, Coaching, Insurtech, Leadership|

About 8-years ago, I boarded a flight from JFK to make my way to an island about 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was a welcome break. I was attending a small, annual, invitation-only gathering of the northeast’s

How a Little Pepto Bismol and a Serious Talk Can Save Your Company.

July 21st, 2017|Being CEO, Insurtech, Leadership, Life Lessons|

It was the beginning of summer. I did not particularly enjoy riding the subway this time of year. It was blisteringly hot. However, it was the quickest way to get around the city. Traffic had become a year-round nightmare in

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